Body Charger Electrolyte Gel Capsule

Body Charger electrolyte gel capsules were developed for
United States Services Members in order to combat the complex environments and
activities that our service members face each day.

Body Charger electrolyte gel capsule have 3x the
electrolytes as Gatorade and cost less than Gatorade.

Body Charger- 1 serving= 1,045mg of electrolytes

Gatorade-1 bottle= 345mg of electrolytes

Body Charger due to our dedication to our United States Services
member we have also include a UTI (urinary tract Infection)

A combination of intense heat and sweat can increase UTIs
(Urinary Tract Infections). Body Charger has UTI preventives to greatly reduce
the risk of a UTI occurring.

Body Charger uses a coating that sticks to the urinary cell wall to prevent
bacteria from attaching itself and causing an infection.


Body Charger

*Maximize Electrolyte Intake

*Expand Endurance

*Prolong Muscle Cell Peak Performance

*Help Prevent UTI

*Pack Fast and Light

*Reduce Hydration Cost


Body Charger electrolyte gel capsules have a 15 minute dissolve time. Body Charger is 3rd party tested by INFORMED CHOICE SPORT. 1 bottle of Body Charger (30 servings) fits into your pocket and is equal to 90 twenty ounce typical sports drinks. Take Body Charger with the beverage of your choice. Lighten your load, increase your performance through maximum hydration and boost readiness with the first ever patented sports drink in a gel capsule.