Next Gen Sports Drink

Increasing Muscle Performance and Maximizing Endurance have never been so accessible, affordable and easy

 Next Gen Sports Drink (NXT) has taken the typical sports drink and developed it into a first of its kind patented electrolyte gel capsule.

Along with utilizing gel capsule technology, NXT has also upgraded the traditional electrolyte formula. The innovated formula in the NXT gel capsule significantly aids in Increased Muscle Performance and Maximizing Endurance through an infusion of a 4 electrolyte blend that activates the sodium/potassium pump.

The Sodium/Potassium pump is the active transport mechanism that replenishes electrolytes into the muscle cell. Magnesium is essential to the pump as it is the key component to igniting the sodium/potassium pump.

Maintaining maximum muscle cell hydration will allow the muscle to perform at a higher capacity for a longer duration of time.

The NXT gel capsule provides a streamline process of delivering 1,045mg of electrolytes into the body that then will be pumped into the muscle cells. Being able to extend muscle cell production through maximum electrolyte fulfillment will provide a performance and endurance advantage for the end user.

The NXT 4 electrolyte blend consists of 500mg of Sodium, 216mg of Potassium, 279mg of Calcium and 50mg of Magnesium.  This grants a total elevation of body performance.

A typical 20oz sports drink furnishes 270mg of Sodium and 80mg of Potassium.  One 30 serving bottle of NXT yields 31,350mg of electrolytes and takes up half the space as one typical 20oz sports drink that produces 350mg of electrolytes. (Insert slide)

The gel capsule gives the end user unique flexibility by enabling them to consume electrolytes with any beverage.

The end user will see additional added value in reducing their hydration footprint, logistic cost and will accelerate readiness.

Allgood Beverage Company is an American owned company and the NXT gel capsules are made in the USA.
The NXT electrolyte gel capsules have been 3rd party tested and is patented through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


NXT electrolyte gel capsules have a 15 minute dissolve time. NXT is 3rd party tested by INFORMED CHOICE SPORT. 1 bottle of NXT (30 servings) fits into your pocket and is equal to 90 twenty ounce typical sports drinks. Take NXT with the beverage of your choice. Lighten your load, increase your performance through maximum hydration and boost readiness with the first ever patented sports drink in a gel capsule.

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